How to maintain your fabric sofa

People like fabric sofa for its comfortable touching and various stylish design, A fabric sofa will gives your living room a homely look. But no matter what types of upholstery fabric covers your sofa, pets, children, and daily use may damage it.

Do you know how to maintain your fabric sofa? Today, we will give you some tips to help you protect your sofa. By using the right protection techniques, you can keep your sofa looking good for years to come. 

  • Avoiding long term of direct sunlight.The fabric will not only faded but also being less elastic with long term direct sunlight. You can put the fabric sofa into a place where can avoiding direct long term sunlight, or hang a half-transparent curtain to block the sunligh

  •  Avoiding sharp objects. Sharp objects will damage the fabric sofa physically.
  • Attend to stains quickly. Once you notice a stain in your fabric sofa, get to clean it out as soon as possible. If you decide to wait for an extended time, the stain might set stubbornly into the fabric.
  • Cleaning the fabric sofa weekly.Cleaning the sofa is necessary as the dust and dirt combined with friction breaks down the fabric. You can use a handhled vacuum cleaner to go over the area of your fabric sofa. and clean the dust spot on the fabric with a soft towel
  • Flip the cushions and rotate them monthly. Thefabric sofa will deformation with long term use, rotating it monthly will keep it in good shape.

    However, when use a fabric sofa, it is recommended to take good care of it. The long term great care will prolong the durability of the materiel.