How to maintain your leather sofa

Leather sofa makes a beautiful addition to your room design. But it take a little more caring than fabric sofa. The leather sofa will fade or torn out if we not take good care of it.

Here are several tips to help you maintain your leather sofa:

  • Place the leather sofa in the right location of your room. The leather will fade or crack if it is placed too close to direct sunlight, air condition vent, fireplace or heater.
  • Cleaning the spills as soon as possible. You can stop wine spills out of your leather sofa, only if you are really quick! If any liquid spills on your leather sofa, you can blow it up with a clean soft dry cloth.
  • Apply a leather conditioner regularly. Conditioning the leather regularly keeps it from drying out and developing cracks. Apply a leather conditioner once or twice a year with a microfiber cloth. Use just enough to lightly cover the leather.
  • Watch out for sharp object that could pierce or scratch your sofa. 



  • Clean or vacuum the leather sofa regularly. Do not use any cleaning detergents that contain chemicals, oil, waxes and saddle soap, because all these products will damage the surface of your leather sofa. If you can remove the cushion, do so to make vacuuming more effectively.

  •  When cleaning the leather sofa, it will be better if you can use distilled water which can well protect it. Always be sure to use a soft cloth and never use an brush or scrubber as this can scratch and damage the leather.

Even though your leather sofa is durable, without a regime of regular maintenance, it can begin to look tied and dirty. Never fever, with the right care you can easily prolong your sofa’s life and keep it look good for years to come.