Taking care of your furniture



The wooden materiel are sensitive to light, it will be better if you can place your wooden furniture to a spot where direct sunlight no less than 8 hours a day. or the furniture will crack by exposing on the sunlight for long term period.


A damp cloth will helpful when cleaning the stains or spills, but soap water is not a good option. Dry the surface thoroughly afterwards. The liquid will damage the surface, so if there is any spill on it, whip it dry immediately with a soft clean cloth.


Sun and damage

The leather will got damaged if exposed to direct sunlight or heat, so please place the furniture away from direct sunlight, air condition vent, fireplace or heater.


You can clean leather with soft, dry cloth. Or a cloth and soap water for a bit elbow grease. The leather cleaner are recommended for regular cleaning.


Sun damage

Upholstery furniture will fade over time if it is exposed to direct sunlight, so be careful where you place the furniture.


The seat cushions may deformation with long time use, be sure to moving, turning and shaking the foam, fiber-filled cushions as often as possible to make it in good shape.


Make sure the feet on your chair or sofa are tightly fastened , try not to drag them to avoid damage to the feet, or your floor.